Cambridge Park House

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Set by the river in the leafy lanes of Twickenham, Nick and Charlotte’s home comprises a series of spaces which are focussed on a year-round connection with the tall silver birch trees in their mature back garden. It is contemporary, yet intimate, and provides for the pratical needs of a young family.

The full-width rear extension is split into three distinct components defining cooking, eating and seating areas. The spaces are differentiated by materials, framing, and varied levels of transparency, ensuring that the new structure appears a lightweight addition to the existing house. Entering from the hallway, clear views through the frameless glazed corner and the rhythm of the exposed beams emphasise the vertical presence of the mature silver birches in the garden. The central fireplace informally divides the internal space and gives intimacy to the connected zones, while a frameless glass dining room acts as the centre of activity of the home, with floating glulam beams overhead.