Environmental Analysis

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A key part of the design process, involves exploring and testing the environmental performance of our designs. Our proposals therefore aim to be inherently efficient in terms of daylighting, natural ventilation, and passive strategies which are a function of the architecture, and not of the technology. We work on single houses aiming to achieve Passivehouse standards, Our approach generates a high quality of architectural design, and also allows us to interrogate all deign decisions in terms of operational energy, carbon emissions and internal environment. We utilise cutting edge simulation software to validate environmental strategies with respect to local climatic conditions. This includes sunlight and daylighting analyses,thermal and comfort analyses and computational fluid dynamics for natural ventilation analyses. The success of these tools can be gauged through systems such as LEED or BREEAM. We also believe that our approach to informed decision making environmental analysis is one which cannot happen in isolation. Collaboration with the design team, client and industry specialists is central to our approach.

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