Lollipop Stick Bridge

by Paul.

Paul and Emily joined the classes of Year 6 at Westbury-on-Trym CofE Academy in Bristol to teach a lesson on bridges. We asked the students to look at truss bridges and design their own to bridge the playground from the classroom block to the main school, building a 1:50 scale model using lollipop sticks, then put to the test of holding the weight of an apple (or 3). We were thrilled with the results, an array of colourful (some St Patrick’s Day themed) truss bridges put forwards by the students – check out our favourites below!

The Brick Yard

by Paul.


Bright eyed and bushy tailed both the London and the Suffolk teams embarked on a field trip to Chesham, Hertforshire, to check out the HG Matthews brick yard, where they have been making both traditional hand and machine made bricks since 1923. They were kind enough to give us a tour of their site and accompanied by some pretty ace dogs, they showed us the clay dig, the 100 year old machinery, the kilns, the balmy drying rooms and lofty brick stores. Did you know the colour of a brick is determined by the temperature it is fired at? The hotter the temperature, the darker the brick.

We also checked out their straw and clay internal wall blocks which are completely carbon neutral – looking forward to specifying those! Thanks to Jim and Will and the whole team at HG Matthews for an amazing day, you have raised our love of bricks to a new level.


Colour variation of bricks within a kiln

Colour variation of bricks within a kiln


looking into brick kilns

All lined up staring into the kilns



Paul sorting the hand-made from the machine-made bricks

Gingerbread City

by admin.

gingerbread city

In the run up to Christmas this year, we donned our most festive baking hats to compete in this year’s Gingerbread City, put on by The Museum of Architecture.

16,000 people went to see and smell the delights at the exhibition, where over 60 architects submitted their gingerbread creations. No Hansel or Gretel in sight, our gingerbread building was a mixed use development complete with external gelatin pool, polo rubber rings and sugar glass chapel. The candy crane moving the last pieces into place was a firm favourite and got a mention in the Telegraph.

All 16,000 visitors cast their vote and we were delighted to have achieved a top five finish out of 60 firms that entered:

1st- NBBJ

2nd- Piercy & Company

3rd- Cottrell & Vermeulen

4th- Foster and Partners

5th- Thomas & Spiers

Boat Shed Update/1

by Paul.


Work on the boat at Suffolk branch is a little slow, but moving fowards…centreboard case and centre braces fitted. Now for the aft bulkheads. Ready for launch in 2017?

Progress in Slingsby

by Paul.


Fantastic day for a site visit and meetings with steel fabricators…we’re told it’s always this sunny in Yorkshire…


by Paul.


Fun in the sun….landscaping works nearly done…